Thursday, September 13, 2007


So...yesterday I introduced the big word metacognition to my students. For those of you without an education degree (which apparently includes blogger's spell check) metacogntion is just being aware of one's own thinking. Ever known a stupid person who had no idea they were stupid? They lacked metacognition!
Metacognition is one of the cornerstones of the CRISS project. CRISS strategies aren't really that innovative. Most of them are things we've been doing as good teachers for years. Now we have some research to back it up and definite reasons for doing it. I got talked into leading a study group studying literacy workshop. This month we are focusing on Power Thinking, also called Numbered Notes. It's basically a simplified version of outlining.
I jumped into it with a partial chapter from American Nation. Not surprisingly, my strong readers found the task pretty easy and my weaker readers struggled. I think next I'll have the weaker readers try organizing some pre-done strips by 'powers.' Talked to one of my study group teachers, J, and she said she did that with her fourth graders today successfully.
I'm annoyed with myself as I forgot to bring home the CRISS book when I picked up T from school after my principals' meeting today. Oh well...shoot - just remembered I need to make a vocab test for tomorrow. Good thing Top Chef is on to watch while I do it.