Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mean pet people

As some of you know, my hubby & I have to move to a new place. We are having to find new homes for 2 of our 4 cats. So I've been emailing some of the local shelters asking for help placing them. Some have been at least helpful, but some have just been HATEFUL! So I'm venting here to see if I want to bother emailing them back...

Petunia showed up on my doorstep about 8 years ago. Should I have taken her to the pound then? She doesn't like any of the other cats, but she instantly adores all people. Will she really be 'traumatized' if I find a new home for her without cats that fight with her?

Buddy & Precious were strays that my husband took in prior to our meeting. Should he have taken them to the pound then? Should I have found a different husband since I know I plan to rent and most rentals limit the number of pets? These are the 2 we are keeping and I'm giving up the opportunity to live on the water because that option only allowed ONE pet. These cats are quite bonded to each other and my husband, so that's the other reason we decided they would be the ones to stay.

Skippy showed up at my work as a kitten. I work right on 192, so should I have just left him wandering the streets to get run over? I had my husband take the kitten home while we called all the shelters in the area. Should we have taken him to the pound immediately? Perhaps, but after a day at my home he was playing with Cat 3 and my husband didn't want him to go to possibly euthanasia.

Maybe all six of us should just live on the streets. We are not in a position to buy a house and all the rentals limit the number of pets. The place we live is a condo that's being sold. Even if we bought it, it's been brought to our attention that condo rules limit pets to one. I'm still trying to sell my house from when I moved here 2 years ago, I doubt anyone is going to give me a mortgage to buy a house here and I don't want to end up with TWO mortgages, especially since I never know from year to year where I'll be working!

Thanks for letting me vent. It's hard enough moving & finding homes for 2 cats without the people I ask for help castigating me for what I'm trying to do. I am just SO frustrated. Then there's my husband saying "we are NOT taking them to be killed" (which I agree with) but he's not offering any other options.

Should I bother sending the explanation part back to the nasty people who hollered at me for "abandoning" my pets? BTW, the picture is Buddy, Skippy & Precious.


Unknown said...

Nope - I think they qualify as the Proverbs description of 'fools' and aren't worth your time to argue with them and prove yourself a fool by doing so.

Rebecca said...

Hugs April! I know you're in a tough position!